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Hi there! My name is Mei like the month May and I'm a 19 year old girl who started Acacia Lily. Acacia Lily is a jewelry store along with other cute stuff like rings, iPhone cases, crewnecks and etc. I started Acacia Lily a couple months after I moved out to Los Angeles CA. I started out with a few charm chokers, just doing it for fun and sharing it on Twitter & Instagram, not knowing Acacia Lily was going to grow this big. I went from doing everything in my one bedroom apartment in LA to an office just 7 months later. Today, Acacia Lily is known as an independent online store that I run. Some days aren't the best days, I do get stressed, overwhelmed and I get frustrated when things don't work out but I learned that being an entrepreneur means making things work 100% of the time. I'm so blessed and grateful to be doing what I love, designing and coming out with new products to keep up with today's trend. There will be ups and downs but with a great team our company will keep on growing as we strive for perfection. We will always take your comments and inputs seriously and always try our best to make things simpler and easier for you!

Acacia Lily would not be here today without the support of our friends, family & you. My inspiration comes from life itself everyday. That's my story so I hope to inspire you to do what you love cause you never know it might be the next big thing. So take chances! Make mistakes! Work hard! Dream big!